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Definition of F-Series

For the record, our definition of Ford F-Series vehicles includes the following models:

F1, F100, F150, F250, F350, Bronco, Expedition, Excursion with possible future inclusions of F450, F550 etc. (Not all of these models are available in Australia). For the purposes of this site I do not include the following models:

  • Explorer
  • Ranger
  • E-Series

The Bronco was based on the older F-Series with a slightly shorter wheelbase and fixed fibreglass canopy. The Expedition is the closest equivalent to the Bronco based on the current F150 chassis.

The Excursion is a similar but larger vehicle based on the heavy duty F350 chassis.

I may later include the E-Series vans as they are very similar to the F-Series but they are very rare in Australia and therefore not currently included in this site.